Month: September 2022

Orktober 2022

Orktober 2022

It’s that time of year again! ORKTOBER!

This time we’re doing two Orktober events. We’re doing “Git Race 2” on Thursday, October 6th, which will be similar to our Git Race from 2019 event ( but with newly-done rules. And then we’re hosting an Orks vs Imperium mega battle on Saturday, October 29th. We have a whole host of Orkish generals already plotting their forces, though any additional Ork players are welcome to join in–even the most minimal of patrols is welcome to join in the fray and the fun. As players sign up, we’ll announce the total PL that we’ll be playing at–so be certain to connect to me and let me know you’re intending to play and I’ll add you to the list.

Rules will be posted below as they’re firmed up.

Git Race 2

Welcome to the careening light-vehicle bashing demolition derby race for glory (and fungus glory). Each participant can field a single one of the vehicles from the following list:

FactionAvailable Racing Vehicles
OrksTrukk, Kustom Boosta-Blasta, Shokkjump Dragsta, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Megatrakk Scrapjet, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy
Space Marines (all chapters)Rhino, Primaris Impulsor, Primaris Invader ATV
Adeptus MechanicusSkorpius Dunerider
Astra MilitarumTaurox (all variants), Chimera, Hellhound (and variants)
Sisters of BattleRhino
CSM, Thousand Sons, and Death GuardRhino, Blight Hauler
TauDevilfish, Piranha (all variants)
Eldar (all sorts)Wave Serpent, Raider, Venom, Starweaver, Vyper
Genestealer CultGoliath Truck, Achilles Ridgerunner
NecronsGhost Ark
Chaos Daemons and TyranidsSorry, none of these. Daemons players add a Rhino for your CSM allies, and Tyranids if you’re not into Genestealer Cult then get thee to one of their Goliaths!

The rules are simple. It’s an Ork racetrack where the Bad Moonz have assembled to watch a demolition derby take place while they’re killing time before the next Waaagh launches. They’ve looted a bunch of different vehicles and kept them roughly as-is: to see which bits are killy and which bits are sturdy–to save both.

All vehicles have the following modification: they are now BS 5+ and Leadership 7 (obviously, as they’re driven by Orks), and whether Ork or not they’ve got no Clan affiliations (or other codex faction rules, obvously). The goal is to race around the track, causing as much damage and making as many laps as possible. When a vehicle is wrecked, it’s pulled to the side of the track and repaired by a swarm of mekboyz and grot spanners (and injured drivers replaced or jury-rigged by painboyz). Wrecked vehicles lose a turn of shooting and movement (their next turn), then tear off back into action the following round. There is no charge or melee phase–as everyone’s intent on racing rather than raw crumpin’. That said, collisions can happen, particularly at the point where the track criss-crosses. If your movement takes you within an inch of another vehicle at the end of the move, you can choose to sideswipe (each vehicle takes 1 mortal wound), or ram (both vehicles take d6 mortal wounds). It’s a breakneck race, so shooting can only be done at vehicles that are ahead of yours in the race (mario kart blue shell rules). And driving can go off the track if needed, but that reduces speed by d6 inches for that turn. For the figure-eight intersection, vehicles can test their leadership on 2d6: if successful they can take the jump side of the intersection (yes, there’s a jump!), which adds a bonus 6″ to their move for that turn.

We’ll track number of laps, number of spectacular crashes, number of jumps, and number of times each driver reduced an opposing racer to zero wounds. Players will get bonus entries into the prize draw for the top of each of these. And everyone will get an entry for playing. Multiple great GW prizes to be had (Games Workshop themselves provided prize support for our event, owing to the success of the prior one!).

A Few Old School Orks will come out of the woodwork for this one

Orktober Mega-Battle

More details will be released when we get closer to the event, but for now mark your calendars. We’ll do set-up for those who can on Friday, October 28th, followed by the game itself on Saturday, October 29th (start will be at 1pm, with reserve forces joining the table on turn two promptly at 3pm). We’ve got a host of Ork players who have been cunningly preparing their forces, and this Orktober will see the Imperium fighting against them. So people are welcome to bring armies to oppose consisting of Space Marines, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Sororitas, Adeptus Mechanicus, Custodes, and Imperial Knights. Exact PL will be flexed based upon RSVP’s and participation. Basically, we’ll tally the Ork side and then offer the Imperial side that total to split between the total players who are joining.

Current Ork Information:

Five Ork Players aiming for 500 PL are rearing to go.

Current Imperial Information:

The Imperials are currently cowardly (or maybe they were only just informed). Zero players and 0 PL.