Sounds of War

Sounds of War

I’m keeping the track going with Dark Eldar (and Aeldari of all sorts), almost there with a couple of Flyers for the forthcoming Dogfight December event that I’m hosting at Drawbridge. That said, I did want to finish up the Genestealer Cult Clamavus that I did up with the boombox conversion. So I did!

I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out. As the Genestealer Cult codex gets closer I’m getting more intrigued by them, but I’m so pleased with how my Dark Eldar are looking I’m confident I’ll keep running with them for a while. And it puts me SO CLOSE to being done with my miniature painting goals for the year. Literally one more model to go (and I’ll have two, plus some other bonus painting, in my next update).

I also painted up a Meatwad with jambox (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) for a friend to use as a squig in his Ork army. Not counting toward my points, but a fun pic to share hah.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 362/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

The Kabal and the Cult

The Kabal and the Cult

Well I definitely added some painted models to my fledgeling start of a Drukhari Dark Eldar force over the past two weeks. Rushed to get a fully painted 50 PL ready for some holiday campaign games (just have to clean up/highlight two Ravagers that are mostly done to get there!). Also meant that I’m closing in on my goal for the year: 358 out of 365 Power Level painted in 2021. I’ll just dump all the units and the HQ I finished here. I’m really enjoying the color scheme I’ve got going for them.

Drukhari Kabalite Warriors

I’m starting out by exploring the Kabal of the Flayed Skull with my force. Not the most powerful of choices in the codex, but definitely fits with ideas about them being closer to the Saim Hann craftworld (as that’s the aerial combat Kabal).

Succubus with Razorflails

I did up the Succubus with the Razorflails mostly because I thought they’re pretty amusing–so many attacks, and as I’m running the Wyches as Cult of Strife, Competitive Edge turns it up to absurd levels of attacks. Infantry blobs beware.

First Unit of Wyches
Second unit of Wyches
Third unit of Wyches

I did up three small squads of Wyches, each one with their sergeant using a different weapon combo: one with Agonizer and Blast Pistol, one with just the Agonizer, and one with the trusty Power Sword.

Drukhari Mandrakes conversion

I wanted to add a squad of Mandrakes but in no way wanted to deal with the Finecast resin that the current models are in. Searching around for alternatives, it seemed like these Age of Sigmar Sea Elves fit the bill. They have the strange carvings in their skin that work for the blue energy runes, and I represented their shooting attack as blue energy coming from their eye sockets and mouths. Pretty reasonable conversion I felt.

So that’s a huge addition to my force, which I’m really quite pleased with. I’ve gotten them onto the table twice, and definitely enjoyed them well enough in the first few games. Looking forward to more working with them.

Genestealer Cult Bonus

I also have a friend who is starting a 3D printing on demand service (Quixotic Quest Printing, check them out here:, and I ordered a Boombox to go on my Genestealer Cults Clamavus. Gonna paint him up soon, but couldn’t resist sharing the finished conversion. I tried to get it on his shoulder but the scale wasn’t quite right. Good news the Acolyte Demo Charge arm was perfect with the straps, so I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I’d imagine that The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (well, mostly Melle Mel) would be a good tune for him to be playing:

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 358/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

The Limousine Machine

The Limousine Machine

So the classic picture of the Genestealer Cults chaos army back from the Rouge Trader era is the one with the stylish cult limousines (see below). The current book is about to be replaced, but it’s unlikely that they’ll have a Limo option yet. The closest is the Goliath Truck, which is a light transport that can carry 10 models and sports just a pair of autocannons and a heavy stubber. But I’m not letting that stop me from adding the Limo to my army!

The classic photo

Enter: the Wargames Exclusive “Genetic Cult Civilian Limo”. The model is great, and for size comparison that oval base underneath it is a bit larger than the ones I use on my other Cult vehicles (it’s longer than the Flyer base). I loved painting up the model, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m still not convinced that Genestealer Cult is going to be a long-term force for me–but I’m having some fun with painting pieces now.

I also added another HQ choice for my force: an Abominant. He was fun to paint up too, as I like finding the point of going from the flesh tones to the Tyranid carapace colors on the model.

Anyhow, a bit more fun to the silly army with these additions. They certainly turn heads when they hit the table (two heads in the case of the Abominant hah).

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 340/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

Dogfight December

Dogfight December

Well, TANKS-giving at Drawbridge Games (Pittsburgh, PA) was a great success, with ten players and almost 50 vehicles for a night of silly blasting-and-betraying fun. So we thought “Why not another?” And thus the idea for Dogfight December was born. Again, a chance to gather a group together, move some paired models around, have some fun, and win some prizes. This time with all the Flyers we have for our forces!

WHEN: Thursday, December 16th. Set-up for game, pictures, and painting accomplishments inspection at 7pm, dice start at 7:30pm.

WHY: A motivation to paint flyers (and select skimmers) of all types for our 40k armies, and then to field them in one glorious free-for-all battle. Fun at the event, motivation for painting new things, and prizes for the winners are the reason we do these.

WHAT: Players will bring a flight team consisting of two painted Flyers (or selected skimmers) to compete for aerial supremacy. Each flight team will indicate a “Primary” and a “Wingman”, and players are strongly encouraged to come up with call signs for the pair. The goals of the game will be to rack the most confirmed kills while surviving as long as you can. If for some reason you can only field a single painted flyer, that’s fine–you just lost your Wingman in your tragic backstory! Models need to be painted to tabletop standard (the general 3 colors approach).

HOW: There will be a door prize raffle with some great 40k prizes as always for our big events. Everyone who shows up with a painted force of two flyers (or selected skimmers), gets one name entry. For each plane that you have shared in advance in built- or primed-only form (post on the Drawbridge Events page), and bring painted, you’ll get an extra ticket with your name in the prize drawing. The winners will get five extra tickets with their name in the drawing, including both competition victories as well as best painted Flight Team. As for the game, we’ll use the playing card system as often is the case with our big events: each round every player will be dealt a card that will determine turn order after turn one. Turn one is slightly different, as more expensive (by PL) flyer teams will have to enter the board first (in order), which will help balance out the advantage of having more capable vehicles. Finally, eliminated players will have a special way to affect the battle even when they’ve been shot down.

WHO: You! Entry is free for Drawbridge Gatecrasher Members (only $35 for the entire year, and includes 10% discount on all purchases for that year plus 20% on select pre-orders), and $5 for non-members.

SPECIAL RULES: Flight Teams use their formation to protect each other. Thus, when targeting in your shooting phase you simply indicate which other Flight Team(s) in range of your weapons you’re targeting. The “Wingman” of the pair is always hit and wounded first. Until they’re downed, the Primary does not take damage. Accordingly, Wingmen may choose to fly more defensively than their Primary partner. Each of their active turns they choose to fly more defensively, the Wingmen halve the number of shots and range of their weapons (rounding up). But if they do so, they get a 4+++ “Feel No Pain” style save against wounds (replaces rather than stacks with any similar rules they might have). When the Wingman plane has been eliminated, the Primary can itself choose to fly more defensively for the same benefit (and automatically gains this condition if its Wingman was shot down while using this mode, until the start of its next turn). Another special rule situation is Close Combat. Flyers without specific close combat weapons cannot choose to enter close combat with others. Flyers with close combat weapons in their profile can choose to charge in their turn as normal, but can only charge a single model (must choose the Wingman if they are present). The other model in the pair can automatically fire overwatch at the charging model to protect them. At the end of any close combat phases that happen, the attacked model is moved 1″ out of range of the attacker, and neither are counted as “in combat” (so can move away, shoot, or be shot at as normal).

“It came from behind!”

So what can you bring? The list below has everything that we’re permitting. If something is missing let me know and we can talk about adding it (almost all Lord of War Flyers are not allowed, along with sort of “super heavy” choices).

Space MarinesArvus Lighter, Corvus Blackstar, Dark Shroud*, Dark Talon, Hailstrike*, Hammerstrike*, Logan Grimnar*, Nephilim, Storm Fang, Storm Hawk, Storm Raven, Storm Talon, Storm Wolf, Thunderstrike*, Vengeance*, Xiphon
Armies of the Imperium**Arvus Lighter, Avenger, Lightning, Sky Talon, Thunderbolt, Valkyrie, Vendetta, Vulture
Ad MechArvus Lighter, Fusilave, Stratoraptor, Transvector
ChaosArvus Lighter, Avenger, Burning Chariot of Tzeentch*, Helldrake, Hell Blade, Hell Talon, Lightning, Sky Talon, Thunderbolt, Valkyrie, Vendetta, Vulture, Xiphon
AeldariCrimson Hunter, Hemlock, Nightwing, Razorwing, Voidraven
NecronsDoom Scythe, Night Scythe, Night Shroud
OrksBlitza Bomma, Burna Bomma, Dakkajet, Wazbom Blastajet
T’au EmpireBarracuda, Manta***, Razorshark, Remora Drone****, Sun Shark
Tyranids**Harpy, Hive Crone, Harridan*****
* Certain Space Marine and Chaos skimmers are allowed, but can only be fielded with other skimmers in their Flight Team (no mix-and-match Flyer and Skimmer). ** Genestealer Cults can mix Imperium Flyers with Tyranid Flyers (the only cross-faction pairing allowed). *** If you bring a Manta: it needs to be the Forge World proper one, it’s the only model you get to field, and expect everyone to gun for you first. **** Remora Drones can count two drones as one Flyer for purposes of a Flight Team, but a team cannot be simply 4 drones. ***** One of the players appealed to field a single Harridan rather than a team, and that has been approved as an entry.

Note that models that have drones or spore mines or bombs can use those models and rules as part of this event. Any additional models placed do not count toward surviving until the end, but can give the player additional things to do in their turns.

As always, potential players can direct any questions about the event to me or Drawbridge’s owner Enrico on social media.

Ground Shooting

When a player is eliminated, they can still affect their opponents on their phase. After each round of activations is done, all eliminated players get to indicate a single model each that takes d3 mortal wounds (can shrug as normal if they have that rule or are flying defensively). This represents various flak, stray shots, and defensive grids.

Mistakes* Were Made

Mistakes* Were Made

So this past week the TANKS-giving mega battle game that I ran happened in our local gaming store, Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Was a great time and I think people had a lot of fun: we had 11 players show up with all sorts of armored forces represented. However, on a sort of absurd whim–coupled with a healthy dose of already tiring of painting construction vehicles–I grabbed a couple of Drukhari vehicles and painted them up, starting with the Combat Patrol. I really enjoyed painting them, to the point I grabbed another Combat Patrol and a couple of other items for the army. So despite all the other “starts” recently (/sigh), count this as another start. Not sure how far it will go (for reasons below). But has been a fun bit of a distraction.

The worse part is that I’ve done Eldar before. I had a huge Craftworlds and Harlequins force years and years ago. I painted it in Iyanden color scheme, and it was one of the first armies I was really proud of and completed a whole lot of. I ended up selling it as I moved on to other projects (a common theme of my hobbying). And I sort of vowed “never again”.

Found this image from a very old blog of mine where I tracked my Iyanden Eldar force. Featured the Forge World Avatar, some fun vehicles including the now-defunct Eldar AA platform the Firestorm, and an Armourcast Phantom Titan.

That represents a lot of painting and time, so since I sold it I definitely was hesitant to ever dip into the elf pool again. And yet, on a whim for TANKS-giving, painted up a few pieces.

A Venom light transport (above) and a Raider larger transport (below), both in the color scheme that will work for both Drukhari and the potential of expanding into Saim-Hann Craftworlds and Ynnari both easy enough. When I was deep into all the yellow of Iyanden in that long-ago army, I consistently wished that I had chosen the Saim-Hann with their smooth red look.

I also got two Ravagers done to tabletop quality for the event, but I still need to put some highlights and finishing touches on them, so I’ll save those photos for the next update. I did however get so inspired by the progress that I completed a Drukhari Archon as well.

So was this a mistake? Maybe so… It certainly represents yet another force I’m starting rather than expanding an existing force. But I’m excited and had fun painting them, so that’s a strong positive start at least. Also, this brings me to 330 PL painted for the year. I’m 36 points away from my final goal of painting 366 Power points of 40k for the year of 2021–the first time I will have met the goal I set for myself for the Brush Wielder’s Union. If I take this Drukhari force up to 50 PL I’ll hit that mark almost exactly. I think I can do it.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 330/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

Assassin and Construction

Assassin and Construction

More work these past three weeks on the Genestealer Cult, which resulted in me reaching 25 PL of models fully painted (provided I use a unit of general Cultists I had painted before as a Brood Brother Squad). That let me get in a paired game of Kill Team with 40k against my friend Colton’s Salamanders. It was a burning flaming loss for the Genecult, but still was good to get the first one in. It’s been fun exploring the models and paint at least.

I’ve completed a Sanctus, a Goliath Rockgrinder, and my first Achilles Ridgerunner. Pics below. I’m doing all my vehicles with the stripe of the opposite cult color. Construction vehicles will be in yellow (burgundy stripe), while other vehicles will be burgundy (with yellow stripe).

I positioned the Soulsight Familiar helper with his claw sort of halo-ing the Sanctus’ head like he was transmitting his psychic info to him–pretty pleased with the outcome.

The Rockgrinder! I’m uncertain about the yellow “construction vehicle” coloring tho.

The Achilles Ridgerunner I think looks more effective color-wise.

Also, and unrelated to Genestealer Cult, I did also finish up three Necron Wraiths that I’ve had sitting on my painting table for too long.

So many coils and arms!

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 316/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

Leviathan Cult

Leviathan Cult

It’s been a long while since I tinkered around with Genestealer Cult and Tyranids for my 40k projects, but like the void-call of the Hive Mind it’s hard to stay away forever. Necrons are my primary focus (trying to keep it that way, hah). But still, always need to be brewing a few side-projects. Back with Shadow War: Armageddon, the set of skirmish rules that pre-dated Kill Team, I started up a Behemoth-themed set of gangs: one Genestealer Cult and one Tyranids proper. I finished squads for each, and was pretty happy about them. You can check out the color scheme here: in full, but the pic below shows the generations as they looked.

My original Behemoth color scheme for Genestealer Cult

Having made some significant inroads into forces once I got on the painting track in 2021 (Night Lords, Necrons, and Tau all had huge strides in progress), I also felt that I wanted to get back to some more Genestealer Cult–especially with rumors that by the end of the year they may be getting a new Codex. They also are always fun in Kill Team, which I’ve been playing a fair amount of recently. So onward to some new cultists.

However, I didn’t want to stick to the Behemoth scheme. Needed something a bit different. So I experimented with a Leviathan scheme–which I ended up really liking the look of.

Pleased with my initial five Hybrid Acolytes. I’ve got another five on the way, and I’m kind of pleased with the way that the Behemoth white/pink/purple/red hit with the brown-and-yellow mining gear and the lava bases.

With the excitement of getting those models done, I swung into a number more of them to start to fill out a starting force for myself. Had to paint the Patriarch next, as that model is just so essential to the feel of the Genestealer Cult.

This color scheme is fun, and I definitely foresee myself doing a Leviathan Tyranids army here soon enough hah

And I finished up another squad of Acolytes as well.

They can make a full squad of 10, and also are a complete Kill Team with the other group.

So far so good, they take a fair amount of work so may be the slow-grow side project for a while (at least till new Codex). But they make for a fun version of that!

Also, update on the Marvel side of things. Had a brief lull after finishing Sabretooth last time, but got back into my groove and finished up Ebony Maw. I’m actually really pleased with how he turned out, and got to field him in a game alongside Thanos and Black Dwarf, which was pretty cool.

Ebony Maw, that most smarmy of alien sorcerers…

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 298/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12



Well it’s the Fall season, which means that the holiday months are approaching. That tends to mean that people need a little extra push to get some painting accomplished, so it’s time for the First-Annual TANKS-Giving Event at Drawbridge Games!

WHEN: Thursday, November 4th. Set-up for game, pictures, and painting accomplishments inspection at 7pm, dice start at 7:30pm.

WHY: A motivation to paint tanks and cars of all types for our 40k armies, and then to field them in one glorious free-for-all battle. Fun at the event, motivation for painting new things, and prizes!

WHAT: Players can bring up to 50 PL of tanks and sorta-tank-like vehicles (see full list below). All models must be painted to tabletop standard. The things you field DO NOT need to have the same keyword! So if you want to field a Land Raider next to a Rukkatrukk Squiggbuggy and a Dark Eldar Ravager, well… do it. No HQ, character, or named vehicles allowed, and nothing with the Titanic keyword or that fills a Lord of War slot. (Don’t worry, we’ll have future big events where those bad boys can be fielded!)

HOW: There will be a door prize raffle with some great 40k prizes as always for our big events. Everyone who shows up with a painted force, from a single tank to a full 50 PL of mixed vehicles from various factions, gets one name entry. For each thing that you have shared in advance in built- or primed-only form (post on the Drawbridge Events page), and bring painted, you’ll get an extra ticket with your name in the prize drawing. The winner (last tank or team of tanks standing) will get five extra tickets with their name in the drawing. As for the game, we’ll use the playing card system as often is the case with our big events: each round every player will be dealt a card that will determine turn order.

WHO: You! Entry is free for Drawbridge Gatecrasher Members (only $35 for the entire year, and includes 10% discount on all purchases for that year plus 20% on select pre-orders), and $5 for non-members.

So what can you bring? Well, things with tracks and wheels mostly, but certainly skimmer tanks too. There are a few exceptions for armies that have limited options (e.g. Tyranids get their two gun-focused bio-beasts, Ad Mech get a sorta-walker tank option with the Dunecrawler).

Adeptus AstartesGladiator, Hunter, Impulsor, Land Raider, Predator, Razorback, Repulsor, Rhino, Stalker, Vindicator, Whirlwind
Adepta SororitasCatigator, Exorcist, Immolator, Rhino
Adeptus CustodesLand Raider
Adeptus MechanicusDunecrawler, Skorpius
Astra MilitarumBasilisk, Chimera, Deathstrike, Hellhound, Hydra, Leman Russ, Manticore, Taurox, Wyvern
Chaos DaemonsBurning Chariot, Skull Cannon
Chaos MarinesLand Raider, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
Death GuardBlight Hauler, Land Raider, Plagueburst Crawler, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
Thousand SonsLand Raider, Predator, Rhino, Vindicator
EldarFalcon, Fire Prism, Night Spinner, Wave Serpent
Dark EldarRaider, Ravager, Venom
HarlequinsStar Weaver, Void Weaver
NecronsAnnihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark
TauDevilfish, Hammerhead, Piranha, Sky Ray
OrksBattlewagon, Bonebreaka, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Gunwagon, Hunta Rig, Kustom Boosta-Blasta, Megatrakk Scrapjet, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, Shokkjump Dragsta, Trukk
Genestealer CultAchilles Ridgerunner, Goliath
TyranidsExocrine, Tyrannofex
Note that if you’re inclined to take other things, run them past the TO’s for approval (e.g. ForgeWorld options)–this should be the mostly-complete list of things from the basic codexes.

So that’s the set-up. Below is the list. Again, you can bring combinations across different factions as you’d like. So it’s a great time to experiment with something new alongside an existing force, or make progress on a few projects you’ve got sitting in the pile of shame. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much armored Fury we can muster!

The Mighty Scarabs

The Mighty Scarabs

Central to a good Necrons force is–of course–the Scarab Swarms. I added three more to my force this past week. Not fast progress, but was good to get them done. They’re great for screening units, for taking objectives, and for soaking mortal wounds from psychic-heavy armies. All-around awesome, and they’re cute to boot.

[ skitter skitter ]

On the Marvel Crisis Protocol side of things, I finished up my Sabretooth, which meets my 2021 goal for Marvel Models: at least 12 painted. I certainly plan to finish more, but was good to hit the milestone.

The classic costume… I’m really pleased with his hair and the fur lining.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 280/366 (counts scarab swarms)

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 12/12

Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

A new edition of Kill Team is out, and that has generated a fair amount of buzz around here with building some unique and fun teams for the game. I’ve been fiddling back and forth with both Necrons and various flavors of Chaos (Night Lords and Khorne) about what I’d like to do, and somewhat sparked on the Necrons side of things.

I did up a new “leader” model for the team, a Flayed One that combined parts of a Royal Warden, to represent a more leadership-oriented personality who could lead the team–but still was a corrupted Flayed One. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The concierge of skin grafting

While I had Necron paints out I also finished up Trazyn the Infinite. I so thoroughly enjoyed the fluff about him (the novel The Infinite and the Devine by Robert Rath:, so I had to paint up my own version of him. I did a bit of modification, as he is a Finecast resin model–so a bit fiddly. I swapped the weapon around–same head but the arm from a Lychguard/Praetorian staff for more stability to the weapon.

He’s come to collect you!

The other thing you might notice are the small T-shaped plinths behind him. Those are small display bases, with an embedded magnet. So as I have victories (or fun losses), I’ll get bits from the armies I’ve beaten and paint them up (or have my opponent paint them if they’re kind and want to get their color scheme perfect), so he can have constantly rotating “display” items with him. I’ll do up a larger display base with more of these too if I start getting a lot. It’s a fun way to make the games meaningful and connected, so wanted to have some fun with a Special Character known for taking, storing, and collecting the artifacts of other races.

Gaming-wise I got some Kill Team games in as well–a few with my Necrons, and one with my Chaos Daemons of Khorne. Some shots from the games are below. Kill Team in this new edition is super-quick and deadly, so it runs really fast.

The Necron Kill Team: Immortals with Tesla Carbines and Flayed Ones
The Necrons take both the high and low road in driving out the Imperial Guard.
Necrons in the distance, their Space Marine foes in the foreground with this one.
Mixed in a daemon force of Khorne. This shot was right before the Bomb Squig killed all three of these models with its explosion. Gah!

On the Marvel side of things, I got another model added to my collection: Shuri. This rounds out my Wakanda affiliation (the first affiliation I’ve run meaningfully in more than one game). While getting the dots quite right was difficult, overall I’m pleased with the look of the model.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 278/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 11/12